Marketing Ayrshires, the Dairy Industry’s Best Kept Secret

We unequivocally know that Ayrshires have long been the dairy industry’s best kept secret. Superior grazers and reliable producers, Ayrshires are also resilient, adaptable, good tempered, and beautiful.

Why, then, are seemingly fewer farms turning to this profitable and trustworthy breed? Simple… marketing. While other breeds invest in robust marketing programs to promote sales and engage owners and new buyers, we Ayrshire owners have developed a tight-knit community, but relied mostly on word of mouth to market the countless merits of our breed.

Lin Huntington Reflects on Lifelong Success in Dairy Industry

Spending his entire life on a farm, Linwood Huntington, owner of CR Farms in Newbury, VT, is certainly no stranger to the dairy business. His father began the family business in the 1930s and he has continued the tradition of dairy farming ever since. In 1954, Huntington purchased his first farm in partnership with his father. Following in the same footsteps, he, along with his own son, bought CR Farm in 1988.

On Friday, January 13, at the Pennsylvania Farm show, exhibitors competed in the Ayrshire Open Show and the Ayrshire Junior Show.

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