A Story from Eileen Gress 

Thank you to Eileen Gress who shared this story of growing up on an Ayrshire dairy farm and buying her own first Ayrshire!

One of my favorite pictures is one of me at a few days old in a baby carrier on my mom’s chest as she fed calves. I was still wet behind the ears when I met Ayrshire cattle for the first time. Being able to grow up on an all-Ayrshire farm has been a privilege because I learned how important it is to stand out of a crowd.

Find out how Eileen is carrying on the tradition of Ayrshire breeding and see her photos!

The Future of Ayrshires is in Your Hands

For those of us who own Ayrshires, we know the breed’s potential.

It’s up to us to spread the word and show breeders around the country what Ayrshires have to offer. By joining Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative, you can support our efforts to market and promote the breed.

What you can do as a member:

  • With 4 current breeder memberships, we can cover the cost to put an ad in Farmshine, which will promote the superior qualities of the Ayrshire breed and encourage buyers to seek them out at sales.
  • With 5 memberships, we can reach new audiences (such as organic farmers looking for cows well-suited to organic farming practices) through an advertisement in Acres U.S.A., a national magazine that offers a comprehensive guide to sustainable agriculture. 

Tiffany Cottrell Shares How Ayrshires have Influenced her Life

We recently asked individuals to share stories of their farms, their love for Ayrshires, and their first Ayrshire purchases. Thank you to Tiffany Cottrell who shared this heartwarming story of the search for her first Ayrshire calf and how it led her to her future husband.

My first Ayrshire purchase and the story that goes along with her is one some may consider similar to a fairytale. It was January of 2000, and we had made our three-hour trip to Rhode Island from our house. I was a sophomore in high school and in both FFA and 4-H. My previous project animals were grades, and I saved every penny I could to purchase my first registered calf.

I spoke to many Ayrshire breeders, and the one thing they all agreed on was telling me to contact Oliver Cottrell. He was known for good quality Ayrshires. So I did.