We asked you to share your best Ayrshire photos for our contest, and the response was overwhelming. We had 20 beautiful photos submitted, and after opening the voting to the public, it didn’t take long to determine a winner.

Joscelyn Strange won by a landslide with her photo of JCC Burdette Danielle VG86 at 2-07 and her Predator bull calf! This cow is particularly special to Joscelyn. As a heifer, she was Joscelyn’s showmanship animal who she won the commissioner award (best showman in the state) with at the KY State Fair.

Working in the dairy industry is truly a lifelong commitment—to your herd, your land, and your legacy.

We wanted to take a moment to recognize these dedicated men, who’ve spent nearly their whole lives supplying their local communities with milk and perpetuating the Ayrshire breed.

West Virginia University Invites Public to Celebrate Reymann Memorial Herd September 28

The Reymann Memorial Ayrshire Herd at West Virginia University is one of the oldest continuous Ayrshire herds in the nation. Over the herd’s 119-year history, Lawrence A. Reymann and West Virginia University (his successor) have given great care and attention to the continued development of the herd through genetics, breeding, and improved management techniques.

As the university continues its mission to preserve and improve this herd, officials will be hosting an event on September 28, 2017 to celebrate their success and inform the public about their efforts, specifically the value of rotational grazing.