Our first edition of Ayrshire Ambassadors Quarterly has been getting great reviews. It's full of interviews with dairy farmers, including Don and Pam Gable and Dan and Lori Baumgardner. It also features thoughts from Darrin Mayer of Delaware Valley University and opinions from Ayrshire breeders across the country.

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Breed Key to Keeping Conebella Farm Profitable

Nearly 80 years ago, Don Gable’s grandfather had a problem, and the solution to said problem was Ayrshires.

“The milk company at the time told him that he had to raise his butterfat or they were going to cut him off,” Don says. “His brother was a herd manager at a local farm that had Ayrshires. He bought 10 Ayrshires— it’s been Ayrshires ever since.”

Today, Gable’s herd at Conebel­la Farm is now entirely Ayrshires numbering more than 200, with 115 currently milking.

For years, Ayrshires have been the best-kept secret in the dairy industry.

It's time we spread the word about their countless merits and how valuable they are for breeders and farmers across the country.

We've identified some of the key traits of Ayrshires that make them an excellent choice for milk, cheese, and other products.