Tiffany Cottrell Shares How Ayrshires have Influenced her Life

We recently asked individuals to share stories of their farms, their love for Ayrshires, and their first Ayrshire purchases. Thank you to Tiffany Cottrell who shared this heartwarming story of the search for her first Ayrshire calf and how it led her to her future husband.

My first Ayrshire purchase and the story that goes along with her is one some may consider similar to a fairytale. It was January of 2000, and we had made our three-hour trip to Rhode Island from our house. I was a sophomore in high school and in both FFA and 4-H. My previous project animals were grades, and I saved every penny I could to purchase my first registered calf.

I spoke to many Ayrshire breeders, and the one thing they all agreed on was telling me to contact Oliver Cottrell. He was known for good quality Ayrshires. So I did.

Once there, Mr. Cottrell was showing me all his cattle and making small talk. At one point he asked my age; I was turning 16 in a few weeks. He filled me in on his grandson who happened to be my age. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention as I was mostly interested in my calf. I put a deposit down and returned a week later to pick her up. Oliver was to be there. However that morning some plans arose and he left his grandson there. That’s when I met Caleb.

After that day, if I was anywhere cattle related and both his grandson and himself were there, Oliver would call Caleb over to talk and sneak off. My cow (Cottrell’s Jason Amity Rose) and I had taken to the show circuit, and she was always pulled for Jr. Champion around home. We went to Big E for 4-H, and Caleb and I hit it off. We began dating shortly after. Our first junior champion win was at the local 4-H show. She would end our 4-H career as a three year old and be runner up to the supreme champion and named best uddered cow of the whole dairy show. She also holds a record for being two-time supreme champion at another local show. I retired Amity as an aged cow, and I lost her at the ripe old age of 12.

Caleb and I were married in 2006 at the farm in Rhode Island. My best gal Amity was there for the ceremony, and we took pictures with her afterwards. Caleb and I have a son named for his grandfather and lots of wonderful memories—all of which began with me buying a calf from his grandpa.