Working in the dairy industry is truly a lifelong commitment—to your herd, your land, and your legacy.

We wanted to take a moment to recognize these dedicated men, who’ve spent nearly their whole lives supplying their local communities with milk and perpetuating the Ayrshire breed.

Ayrshires have been the cornerstone of David Patrick’s herd at Maple-Dell Farm. Despite being in his 80s now, he never misses an event that celebrates the remarkable breed. The same is true for John Rodgers, who turned 80 this year. He continues to take every opportunity he gets to enlighten others about the breed’s potential. Earl Keefer Sr., the eldest of the group (in his 90s) and owner of Sycamore Meade Farm, is so much an Ayrshire enthusiast that he says “the Ayrshire is better today than in the past.

A special thanks goes to these men for their lifetime of contributions to the Ayrshire breed!