We asked you to share your best Ayrshire photos for our contest, and the response was overwhelming. We had 20 beautiful photos submitted, and after opening the voting to the public, it didn’t take long to determine a winner.

Joscelyn Strange won by a landslide with her photo of JCC Burdette Danielle VG86 at 2-07 and her Predator bull calf! This cow is particularly special to Joscelyn. As a heifer, she was Joscelyn’s showmanship animal who she won the commissioner award (best showman in the state) with at the KY State Fair.

Though she is still what some may consider a newcomer to the Ayrshire community, Joscelyn demonstrates a deep passion for the breed. She was born and raised in Harrodsburg, KY and has shown livestock for as long as she can remember.

“My Pa (grandfather) Hilary Cox raised and showed registered hogs for years, and he passed that same love down to me,” she explains. “He was a huge inspiration to me and my biggest role model.”

It was her dad, though, that inspired Joscelyn to show Ayrshires.

Lee Strange, Joscelyn Strange, Joyce Elliott, and Bobby Elliott

“He showed when he was younger and loved it,” she explains. “In 2009, my parents bought me my first Ayrshire heifer. Her name was Heaven… I really do have the most amazing parents.”

In 2011, Joscelyn started dating Lee Strange of Ollie Acres, who she then married in 2015.

“Together we have a mixed herd of Ayrshires, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, and Holsteins,” she says. “In all honesty, Lee wasn’t a fan of the Ayrshires at first... but then he turned around and bought me embryos for Christmas one year out

of my favorite Ayrshire cow, cementing his place as an Ayrshire lover forever!” she says, laughing.

Over the short period of time they’ve had Ayrshires, Joselyn and her family have bred a great herd. They have won

Junior Champion in the JR show on multiple occasions at the KY State Fair, as well as having reserve JR champion in the open show. A few of their bred and owned heifers have placed in the Top 10 at WDE. In addition, they have had high-placing animals at the NAILE in Louisville, KY and also bred a Junior All-American.

“I love this breed so much because they are different, all the way from personalities to color patterns,” Joscelyn says. “I also love them so much because they are hardy and their calves come out strong and ready to thrive. There is not one single reason why I love this breed so much—they are in my opinion the best breed out there! I am so proud to breed Ayrshire cattle.”